Sunday, February 15, 2009

Picture from the Pens vs Sharks game just for Kristie

A1, Row C Pens vs Sharks 2.11.09

I have been going to Penguin games since I was 15 and the Sharks game was the closest I have ever been able to sit to the ice. I was in Row C... it was unbelievable. Watching the game on TV or even higher in the areana, you realize what a fast-paced game hockey is, but you have no idea just how fast-paced until you are sitting in the middle of the action.

The seats were right behind Marc Andre Fleury, so it was like the Marc show all night. That boy's head does not stop moving during the entire game... he better have a good chiropractor to work on his neck after following the play all night. I can't understand how he makes 1 save, let alone 30ish a night. After watching him in the Sharks game, I will never again blame him for letting in a weak goal.

The other really neat thing was being close enough to watch all the expressions on the players' faces.

Pictures from Warm-up

Pictures from the Game

View from the seats

Marc, up close

Sid, up close

Scrum at the net

Dupuis and Marc during the game

The Bench

After Bill Thomas' goal

Jordan's 100th career point!

Jordan taking a faceoff

Sid trying to win a faceoff