Wednesday, October 14, 2009

House Updates

This week, my pap and grandma came up to visit. While my pap was in town, he replaced all the lights upstairs for me and the outlets on the first floor.
hall light

bathroom light

Luella came and faux painted my bedroom so that it would look like it had a suede finish to the walls.

The crown molding is now finished in the living room and dining room.

There is still a list of things that need done, but the end is in sight! Move-in day is hopefully the first weekend of November!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

10.07.09 Pens vs Phoenix

On Wednesday night, I had Penguin tickets in a section of the arena I had never sat in before- the Igloo Club! Those are the blue seats on the sides of the ice near the glass. We were in West Igloo 3, which is directly behind the Penalty box and across from the Penguins player bench. The view from the seats was amazing! There were no blind spots of ice that you couldn't see and siting across from the players was fun. Also, Igloo club ticket holders have their own bathrooms and concession stands that are behind the seats. Small lines= awesome! There's also a small eating area with tables. I cam home with over 230 pictures at the game. Here are some of my favorites:

More House updates

As many of you know, I am the world's worst painter- apparently a roller can also leave strokes the way a brush can... who knew??? So, I hired Jim Bowser to do some work on the first floor for me. He has been busy this week. So far, he has removed the old, yucky blue carpet, painted the living room and dining room, and put up the crown molding in the dining room. You can also see that he is beginning to frame out the picture frame moldings for the dinning room as well. My new silver dining room light finally arrived from Hite's, so once Jim is done working in the dining room, I will switch out that yucky yellow one for the new one. YAY!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10.02.09 Stanley Cup Banner Raising

On Friday, October 2, 2009, the Penguins opened their season at the Mellon Arena for the last time. It was also the night of their Stanley Cup banner raising ceremony. The ceremony began at 7:30. Four giant screens were created around the JumboTron to show a video that recapped the season beginning when Dan Bylsma was hired in February. Highlights of each playoff series were shown in the video as well- Max’s “shhhhhh!” in Philly, Marc’s stop on Ovechkin in Game 7, Geno’s hat trick against Carolina, Jordan’s goal in Game 4 of the Detroit series, and Sid being handed the Stanley Cup. When the video ended, the giant screens were dropped to the ice to revel the Stanley Cup with a spotlight shining on it.

Next, Paul Steigerwald came out to thank the fans and to introduce Mario, upper management, and the coaching staff. Then, each player was introduced onto the ice. When all the players were on the ice, they gathered around Mario and the staff to watch the banner raise to the roof. It was so neat to see them stand and watch the banner go up. Jordan and Max touched the cup as they skated by it to the bench.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Work in Progress...

Since closing on my house on September 15, my parents and I have been working non-stop to paint and and spruce up my new house. So far, we have the two extra bedrooms and the hallway painted. Also, the blue carpet downstairs has been ripped out so that the original hardwood floors can be sanded and resealed.

living room

dining room

extra bedroom