Monday, February 20, 2012

NROLFW- Stage 1B

I know I haven't posted forever, but I want to keep a record as I make my way through the New Rules of Lifting for Women book and figured this would be the best way.

On Saturday, I did Stage 1A WO 1 and didn't really feel like I had even lifted... that is until the next day when I thought for sure that I had broken my right tricep, that is if you can even break a muscle. :D

Today, I completed Stage 1B WO 1 and I could feel a difference while working out. I was so much more tired than during WO 1A. I had that "my limbs feel like limp spaghetti" feeling. And, can I just say how much I HATE lunges! Hate them! They are my least favorite exercise ever, and I had to do 2 sets of 15. I can barely contain my excitement for later in the program when I have to do 3 sets of them....

Off to ice down my knees so that they don't hate me the way I hate lunges.

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