Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's not even Halloween yet and it's already snowing?!?!?! YUCK!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pens vs Canes 10.23.08

On Thursday, I went to my second Pens game this season. After going twice in two weeks, I'm a bit spoiled with seeing my boys in person.

Have I mentioned how much I love the smell of the ice and the sound of the puck being passed between sticks or clanging off the crossbar?

There's nothing like being at the Arena in the middle of the week in the middle of October, screaming your lungs out because the Pens game back in the third to score two goals on back-to-back shifts.

Not that I'm biased or anything, but Sid and Geno are totally worth the price of admission. They are playing on a different level right now... it's insane to watch.

Pictures of my boys...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a Great Day for Hockey, part II

More pictures of my boys...

It's a Great Day for Hockey

Pens vs. Flyers 10-14-08

So, last night was my first of at least nine Pens game this season. I hadn't been to a game since April- 6.5 months too long. I forgot how much I love being there. The smell of the ice and the sound of the puck hitting sticks and glass, there's nothing like it. *Sigh*

The arena had a street fair to celebrate the first week of the season. There was a guy on stilts juggling. No lie, I even have proof...

They also had red carpets at the gates for when fans walked in.

Once in the doors, I headed straight to the Pens Station store, where I found a new license plate frame and a really cute Jordan Staal shirt that was on sale. I am probably the only person who went to the Mellon Arena looking for bargains on clothes.

The Pens were very loose during warm-ups. Marc kept doing floppy, diving saves and then laughing, which totally was upsetting the lady behind me because she kept yelling at him that it was only warm-ups. Then, there were a bunch of teenagers sitting at the glass taking pictures of Max Talbot, so he skated up and jumped into the glass, which caused them to cheer and him to laugh.

At the end of every warm-up, Sid stands on the goal line and practices making sharp angle shots. One of his last shots sailed way over the net and hit the glass right in front of my eyes… LITERALLY, right in front of my eyes. For a brief second all I could think was “oh my god, I’m going to get hit with a puck!” and then I heard it hit the glass. Whew… All I have to say is THANK GOD for Plexiglas, and thank God I am not a goalie.

The Pens were on the bad side of so-so in the 1st, but were an entirely different team in the 2nd. I think Sid's first shift in the 2nd period was some of the best hockey I've seen him play. I don't know who said what during intermission, but it worked. The game ended up going into over time and Duppers scored the winning goal! GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, pictures of Sid and the gang…

(P.S. Satan is pronounced SHAH-tahn)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keepin' it all in the Family

The reception was a blast! Like any good Pennsylvania wedding, the reception was held in a small town fire hall.

Kristie and I were smart- we wore our flip flops to the reception, unlike some other people who had on stilettos and fishnets. Our reasoning was, if a fight broke out, we needed to get out of there fast before the police showed up. (True story, it happened at a reception Kristie went to at the same fire hall).

I can’t believe they wore flip flips to the reception. Didn’t we teach those girls anything?

The best and funniest part of the evening occurred when Michelle (mother of the groom) passed around a glass of Dom Perigno and the reaction from our table was…

Me: Wow.
Me: It tastes like feeeeeet!
My dad: Had that before, have ya?
Me: I like it! What’s not to like? Fur? Good! Smell? Good!

Pepe Le Peu

After drinking Skunk juice, I spent the rest of the evening taking pictures of the fam...


My Mom and Dad

My Grandma Wyant and me

Grandma, me, Kristie, and Lily

Bertha and Bessie

Eric's Wedding

On Saturday, I went to a wedding for my cousin Eric. The wedding was held at Furnace Run Church. Before it was a church, it was a one-room schoolhouse where my Grandma Wyant went to kindergarten.

Lily and me after the wedding was over.

How could you not love those little cheeks?????

Monday, October 6, 2008

Basket Bingo

Tonight, my mom and I went to a Basket Bingo to support a local team raising money for their walk against Breast Cancer in a few weeks. Everyone who went, got this lovely basket....

... I didn't win anything, but a teacher from my school won the 4 piece pottery dish set that I had my eye on! :) Oh well, maybe next time!